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Types of Fault Light in Cars

A fault light is an optical signal. It informs you that a device has been activated in the car, whether it is working correctly or faulty, or whether it has failed completely. The corresponding symbol must stand out clearly when lighting up, but not always be visible.

Many warning lights are self-explanatory: when the dispenser icon is lit, it means refueling. But some of the many lights are also quite cryptic and can unsettle motorists if they continue to glow after the
engine starts or flashing while driving. After engine start all should go out. If a lamp continues to burn or remains lit while driving, there may be problems. Not all symbols are common to all manufacturers.

The six main warning lights
Basically: A yellow or red lamp means fault or defect. These are the six main control lights that you should stop and contact a workshop:

ABS indicator light. The anti-lock braking system is disturbed, worse braking effect and blocking are possible.

The ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) prevents the wheels from locking during braking so that braking and steering is possible at the same time and the braking distance is shortened.

• Meaning / danger:ABS lights up (red or yellow): Fault, eg defective components (sensors, control units) or mechanical faults. Worse braking effect and blocking are possible.

• What to do? Avoid dangerous situations, keep safety distance; Visit the workshop.

Airbag warning light. Airbags, seatbelt pretensioners or other passive safety systems may not work properly here.

• Meaning / danger:malfunction of the airbag, of the belt tensioner or other safety devices. Attention: It may also be simple that the (passenger) airbag is deactivated, this is necessary if baby carriers are attached to the front seat. The reactivation is then sometimes forgotten.
• What to do? Activate passenger airbag (works with many cars with a small rotary switch in the glove box). In case of failure: consult the workshop.

The Electronic Stability Program (ESP) prevents the car from skidding by selectively slowing down individual wheels. The systems may have different names depending on the manufacturer (ESP, ESC, DSC etc.)

Meaning / danger:Lamp flashes: The ESP is currently intervening (eg because you drive too fast around the bend). Lamp is lit: ESP is off or there is a problem. In the event of a brake failure, ESP and brake warning lights may also be present together.

What to do? Adapt the driving style to the road situation. If ESP off: Turn on again (usually when the motor is restarted automatically or by pressing the ESP key if present). If the lamp stays on: avoid dangerous situations, visit the workshop in a timely manner.

Transmission malfunction
-Battery : The generator provides too little energy, the battery is not charged.

-Brake control lamp : It is possible that only the handbrake is still applied. If the lamp lights up while driving, it may also indicate defective brakes or too little brake fluid.

Meaning / danger:The generator supplies too little energy, which is why the control lamp lights up due to the potential difference. Result: The battery is not charging.

What to do? You can help yourself with start problems due to low batteries ( read more in the Battery Guide). In case of defective batteries or generator problems you should visit the workshop in a timely manner.

Engine warning light : Here, for example, the engine control system may be defective or the exhaust system is disturbed. Sometimes the car just runs in a emergency program.

Oil pressure :
Here you should stop immediately and check the oil level. Because when the lamp is lit, the oil pressure is too low - it threatens a capital engine damage, if you just continue driving.

-Distance warner / ACC
Many modern cars are equipped with radar systems used for distance warning and emergency brake assist as well as automatic distance control (ACC). In case of problems, one or more warning lights will light up and there will be a message in the on-board computer.

• Meaning / danger: One or more systems will not work (possibly temporarily, because heavy rain or slush disturbs the sensor). This means that distance warning as well as distance control and cruise control are not available.

• What to do? In snow / ice: Drive to the nearest parking lot and clean the body parts in front of the radar sensor (the sensor is often located behind the brand logo or at / below the radiator grille). If the defect is not affected by weather, consult the workshop; Observe notes in the operating instructions.

Meaning / danger: The cooling water temperature is too high or the level is too low. Possible causes: Loss of cooling water (leaky radiator, radiator hoses, expansion tank ...), defective V-belt (water pump is no longer driven) etc.

What to do? If possible, top up the coolant provided for the vehicle (normal water should only be topped up in an emergency), visit the workshop in a timely manner.


The diesel additive AdBlue is required for many modern diesel cars for exhaust gas purification.

• Meaning / danger: AdBlue must be topped up. However, this is indicated long before by maintenance instructions. According to the automaker, the vehicle can not be started when the AdBlue tank is empty, since otherwise the correct exhaust gas cleaning is not possible.

• What to do? Refill AdBlue in time, during the inspection in the workshop or at the gas station.

If a yellow or red light flashes or lights up while driving, many drivers are insecure. Which lights mean what, when should you stop immediately or in the workshop? An overview.
Many warning lights are self-explanatory: when the dispenser icon is lit, it means refueling. But some of the many lights are also quite cryptic and can unsettle motorists if they continue to glow after the engine starts or flashing while driving.

Warning lights: green, yellow or red?

There are a few general rules for warning lights:

-A green light indicates the functionality or readiness of a system.
-Yellow or red means fault or defect.
-The symbols and meanings of the warning lights may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Therefore always look into the operating instructions, warning lamps are usually described in a separate chapter ("Troubleshooting" or similar).

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10 Clear Signs Your Car Needs Servicing

Has your vehicle ever broken down at the worst possible time and made you wonder what you did to deserve such cruelty? Sometimes it can be impossible to know when your car needs some service. In other cases, people have a habit of ignoring clear signs and waiting until their car stops moving so that they can have it repaired. This should not be the case. Every car owner knows cars are subject to wear and tear after some use. In order to prolong your car's life, you need to look out for some signs that indicate your car needs some service and fix them as soon as possible before the damage spreads. The following are some of those signs:

1. Look out for Warning Signs on the Dashboard

Any car produced in the 21st century comes with a number of indicators on the dashboard that warn the driver in case of any breakdown in the vehicle systems. These are the most straightforward signs your car needs some attention. Different signs monitor different systems so that it can be easier to know which part needs repair or replacement. One of the most dreaded signs is the 'check engine' light. Don't be afraid to find out what the problem is. In most cases only a minor fix is required. However, sometimes the problem could require a lot of money to fix especially for old cars or cars which have been unserviced for long.

2. Your Braking System does Not Feel Right

Braking is one of the basic systems in your vehicle that requires being in perfect working condition all the time. Braking technology has evolved tremendously over the past few years. Modern cars come with all sorts of technology to help drivers brake more effectively. Sometimes you may notice unusual behavior from your braking system. It can either be too sensitive or unresponsive when you apply your brakes. You can also hear unusual noises every time you apply your brakes. All these are signs you need to take your car to your favorite mechanic to have the brakes checked. Since brakes are used all the time when driving, they need to be checked more often.

3. Squeaks and Squeals

When you own a car for some time, you get accustomed to its engine noise and other normal noises your car makes. If your car suddenly starts producing weird noises you are not used to, it could be a sign of a problem. For instance, if you hear squealing noises every time you turn the ignition it could mean your power steering system needs attention. Squealing from the tires when you are on the move may indicate they are loose or they need to be rebalanced.

4. Ignition Malfunction

Starting a car should not be a struggle if the car is healthy. You'd expect a clean start as soon as you turn your key. If you experience any stutters, coughs, splutters, or whirring when trying to start the car, it is time for a checkup. Another sign is if you have to turn the key a number of times to get a reaction. Troubleshooting a malfunctioning ignition requires experts since it can be caused by different things. A dying battery, damaged starter motor, or faulty wiring are some of the common causes of ignition trouble.

5. Excessive Emissions

Unless your car is an old garbage truck, you expect minimal or no visible emissions from your exhaust system. If you notice any unusual clouds of smoke coming from your exhaust system as you drive, it could be a sign you have a blockage or buildup in the exhaust system. It could also indicate that your car has an oil leak that needs immediate attention. Whatever the problem causing the fumes is, you need to have the car checked by qualified mechanics to avoid knock-on effects. To detect such problems early, check your rear bumper regularly for any black residues.

6. Smoke Coming from Under the Hood

Nobody wants to see any type of smoke coming from the hood. It usually indicated severe damage to the engine or the cooling system. The first thing to do when you see smoke coming from the hood is to stop the vehicle immediately and call your mechanic. It is not only n movies where cars blow up; don't risk it. To detect this problem early, check your temperature gauge on the dashboard regularly to know when it goes up unusually.

7. Breakdown of Dashboard Functions

Modern cars come with a lot of equipment on the dashboard mainly for enhancing your car's comfort and entertainment system. This includes things like the radio, air conditioning system, satellite navigation system, among others. You know your car needs service if you notice any problems with any of your car's systems like a malfunctioning radio, aircon not cold, aircon not working, or unresponsive buttons.

8. Leaks

An easy way to know if your car is leaking is if you notice any fluids underneath your regular parking spot. If it is a bright green liquid, your engine's coolant is leaking. If the liquid is brownish, it could be breaking fluid, transmission oil or engine oil leak. Any leak can be disastrous if not attended to immediately. If your coolant is leaking, your engine can overheat and cost you thousands in repairs. Other oil leaks can also cause performance issues that lead to worse problems.

9. Reduction in Engine Power or MPG(Miles Per Gallon)

A decline in the efficiency of your engine is expected after some time. However, if you notice a sudden decrease in your car's power, have it checked for issues with the engine or tyres. Another problem to look out for is If your car uses up more fuel than normal.

10. Damaged Gearbox

The gearbox is another part of your vehicle that is more susceptible to wear and tear as a result of everyday use. Fortunately, most common gearbox problems can be detected almost immediately they begin. Shifting gears doesn't feel right if your car has a problem. A common warning sign is grinding noises when shifting gears or leaking transmission fluid.

There are lots of other indicators that your car needs service. The important thing is to make sure you fix any car trouble as soon as you detect it. It might seem costly to repair the vehicle at first but the more you delay the repairs, the higher the chances of the problem escalating and becoming more expensive to repair. You don't have to wait until your car develops problems to have it serviced. Even if your car is running perfectly, it is recommended to have it serviced regularly so that you can keep it in good shape for longer.

Monday, 25 December 2017

Major Parts That Needs To Be Checked And Serviced

Car servicing that pays attention to every detail is something you have to indulge in once in a while if you own a car. The best way you can give a treat to your car is by taking it through a routine check, and more frequently as your car ages and gain more mileage. And if you think that car serving may not be that necessary, then think again. Having your car serviced regularly is putting your safety first and saving your money in the long run. A well serviced car runs more efficiently, smoothly and more effectively.

But what exactly goes into car servicing? Well, a comprehensive car servicing requires a knowledge base approach as it would require that nearly all the components of your car are ran through a check. In such a case it would be preferable to take your car to a workshop or garage to be examined by a qualified mechanic or a technician. However if your car requires minor car servicing like changing
your car oil you can as well service it at home.

Whether you choose to take your car to be serviced by a trained mechanic or you choose to service it by yourself, here are the major parts that needs to be check and serviced.

1. Engine
Your car engine is the most important unit of your car and should be regularly serviced so as to run smoothly and last long. Begin by checking the state and the level of oil in your car engine using a dipstick. If you find that the oil is darker than it should be, then you know it’s time to
change the oil.

How do you change your car oil? Well, run the engine to get the engine warm and loosen the engine sump nut so as to drain all the used oil. Replace the nut and fill with clean special oil. Remember to use a dipstick to determine the appropriate oil level in the engine. Once you have replaced the oil you
should check the oil filters and if need be you should replace them. Besides, check if there are any signs of oil leaks, and if there any significant leakages let a trained mechanic fix the leakages.
Of equal importance is the engine radiator. It keeps your engine cool and running effectively. You should begin by checking the radiant coolant cap seals as well as hoses for any signs of leakages.

Ensure that hoses are firmly secure and are in good condition. If your car operates with an electric fan, start and run it to examine if it is in good condition. Also check on the alternator belt or fan to ensure that they are firmly secured. You can adjust where possible or consult with a technician where necessary. If you haven’t changed your air filters for a while, this could be an opportunity to do it. Equally check on the sparkplugs and change them if they have surpassed the recommended millage. Lastly you can check the condition of the under-tray and ensure that it is in a good condition. The engine is a major component and need to be thoroughly checked during a car servicing procedure.

2. Fuel system

The fuel system forms an important part of your car and should be given a top priority during a car servicing procedure. You can start by checking at the conditions of the fuel cap seal. The cap seal should fit tight and not having any major dents. If it is in a bad condition order a new one. Take a closer look at the fuel lines and the fuel tank to determine if there are any leaks. A leakage along a fuel line, however how small it might be can cause serious problems including the engine catching fire. As a result ensure that the fuel lines are totally leak-proof. Change the fuel filter if by any chance
the filters are compromised.

3. Drive system
Gearbox is the centre and an important part of the drive system. Run a test to ensure that it is working probably. Listen to any unusual rocketing or noise and report to a mechanic. If there is a need top up the gearbox fluids than this is the right time to do it. Remember to check on the clutch, its fluids, and if it is operating as it shoud. The next thing you should check would be the drive shaft gaitors if they are firmly fixed and that there are no leakages. Apply grease that are of high quality to movable parts
of a shaft. Finally, if your axle runs with oil remember to top it up.

4. Electrical system
Your car servicing won’t be complete without checking on the electrical system. Run a test on the exterior lights, horn, and dashboard lights and establish if they are operating well. Examine the battery for any signs of battery acid leaks and if it is firmly secured. Oil the battery terminals only after ensuring that the battery is in a well working condition. It is highly recommend to top up your battery if you are using the units that are non-sealed. End servicing your car electrical system by testing if the starter motor and charging alternator are in a perfect condition.

5. Steering and suspension
Steering and suspensions are prone to wear and tear. It is advisable to start by checking for any signs of damage or corrosion. The wheel bearings should not show any sign of roughness or any excessive movements. If you are a trained mechanics you should undertake a bounce test for the shock absorbers but if you are servicing your car at home you should consult a mechanic if you suspects that the shock absorbers are in anyway faulty. Apply grease on the movable parts of the suspension and the steering.

6. Brakes
It’s the rule of the thumb to check for wear and tear on your brake pads, brake shoes as well as establish if there are leaks and corrosion on the brake hydraulic system, hoses, brake cylinders, and the connecting pipes when doing a comprehensive car servicing. Since the brake system has multiple movable parts ensure to adequately grease between the joins and secure the brake callipers.

If your car servicing is in a garage, it is recommended to perform the fluid boil test for the brake fluid and have it replaced if it doesn’t meet the recommended level. If the brake fluids are in good working conditions top up to the appropriate level.

7. Tyres and wheels

Your tires are subject to wear and would need to be replaced someday. However before you replace them always check on the conditions of threads, adjust the pressure and nut torque to the recommended levels. Check if the wheels are correctly balanced. Remember to check the condition of your spare wheel too.

8. Vision Having a clear vision is essential for proper driving and your safety. As a result, you should check for proper functioning of front and rear windscreen wipers. At the same time check if there are cracks or chips on the windscreen. Lastly, check if all the mirrors are well positioned and are working appropriately.

9. Internal
Servicing the interior of your car will make you feel safe as well as comfortable. Run a test on the front and the rear seatbelts for smooth slide and an effective lock. Test the door locks and if they are
electric or hydraulic operated ascertain that the entire system is seamlessly operating. Do not forget to lubricate your door hinges.

10. General
Car servicing won’t be really complete without taking your car to the road. Taking your car for a spin gives you the chance to really know if your car is in an excellent condition. If you have carefully followed the car servicing procedure, I bet your car will be in a perfect state and you can ride with true peace of mind.

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Six Things To Consinder When Choosing Car Servicing Companies

It is always an incredible feeling to work with a specialist that offers reassuring professionalism while repairing your car. This is doubtlessly one of the more costly things within your private collection of possessions and is, therefore, a standout most significant to you and your family. So how would you know which auto repair services associations to trust? Which ones are better compared to the rest of your own vehicle repair needs? Before buying new car, its important to know which is the best car servicing specialist around you. Within this article, we will investigate six things that you should evaluate while picking the absolute best auto repair services specialist.


Experience is one of the determining qualities of car repair specialists. Without having this necessary quality, you may be left uncertain about the problem that your auto is experiencing, or more terrible, the issue may be misdiagnosed, this way costing you thousands more over the long term.


Many of us have a specific budget we can spend on our vehicles. This signifies there's a limit to the sum we can use for repairing and looking after them. Consequently, when you're thinking about the various vehicle repair shops, you should acquire a moment supposition on any repair that is because of the cost you more than two hundred. Any expenses over this sum will presumably detrimentally affect your accounts and hence, it's crucial that you decide whether the repair shop you've picked is giving you a reasonable cost.

Talking with two different associations ought to be sufficient to let you know regardless of whether one is charging too high a cost for their work. This ought to be clear if there exists a significant disparity in charges between the two associations.

Exceptional Customer Service

When you walk through the area of the repair shop, how are you treated? Is it true that you were welcomed by an expert who promptly begun asking about your vehicle repair needs? Or, then again did it take ten minutes for somebody to at last notice you and approach provide you with service?

As often as possible, the successful and best associations make the quality client service their most extreme concern. That is on account of, in any business, approaching your clients with deference and providing food specifically to their necessities is the primary approach to expand incomes. The best organizations know this. That is the reason they have well-disposed client service staff keeping an eye on their front work areas. What's more, these associations will have on team, skilled repair specialists who can disclose to clients precisely what isn't right with their car, without having regularly utilizing complicated terms or attempting to confound the client into paying significantly more for the service.


Whenever you address anybody within a specialized profession like vehicle repair, you require add up honesty from them so you can understand any issues that they may find. This can be an additional area in which you may wish to source two different repair organizations to learn if one is less forthright than the other. For instance, a few organizations may educate you that you require an extra service when in actuality you could spare your cash and utilize it for something different.

Industry Certification

The experts you pick ought to obviously have achieved the exceptionally most noteworthy of industry certifications. You ought to watch the business and additionally the repair staff's certifications as you enter the workplaces of the repair business. If no certificates are obviously unmistakable, it's necessary to get some information about the qualifications that they have. If they don't have the incredibly most recent in industry qualifications, you may wish to choose a different business.

Would you be able to Work On All The Different Models And Makes Of Car?

Be it for auto servicing; this is the obvious question you should ask the technician before you employ them. Ask them what they represent considerable authority in, you can likewise discover this information on the site. But, it is advisable to request that they find reality.

Auto repair shops or carports will tell you about what they precisely practice. It will likewise find out about the qualities and shortcoming of the store. When you are making this inquiry to the mechanic, you can also get some information about the training and qualifications of the workman. Ask them to what extent they have been in the business. It is safe to say that you are mindful of the modern innovation utilized as a part of new models? Are they aware of the most recent highlights of the auto?

Workmanship Warranties
When you talk with the specialists at your chose car repair business about your car repair, get some information about the types of service guarantees they give. It is essential that you get some information about warranties previously the work starts since you will be pretty much ruled out response if the repair shop completes the work, makes a poor a showing regarding and after that can't give you any guarantee. Ask the business specifically concerning the sorts of assurance that they offer and afterward endeavor to pick the most financial effectiveness level of scope.

Finally, ensure that you compare the cost with be acquired of all contractual workers. At that point settle on a decision. A financial plan is a crucial factor here. You need a financial plan however in the meantime recollect that for better quality, you ought to go past the financial plan.

Making utilization of these six going before factors, you can discover an auto repair services specialist who will provide you with the best esteem service for your cash. Make sure to investigate any business you pick before you allow their repair staff to work at your car.

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Car Serving and Its Benefits

When running a business, you may have at least one commercial vehicles on the road, and it is vital to consider commercial vehicle servicing. If you have a vehicle breakdown, at that point this is one less vehicle on the road profiting. It might likewise cost you more to repair and recover the vehicle on the road. On the off chance that for instance, you have a business compel who should be on the road selling then a breakdown will result in one less person on the road.

Fleet and commercial vehicle management and maintenance

Fleet and commercial vehicle management and maintenance are ending up increasingly imperative for companies to lessen their costs, minimize chance and secure business revenues. If your vehicles are engaged with accidents or breakdowns, they will require quick settling and be supplanted temporarily; and both will be at a cost.

Reputable garage
You'll likewise need to ensure that you have a reputable garage that can give you the absolute best truck, lorry or van servicing, and the most elevated standards in HGV servicing. A few garages offer commercial vehicle inspections that empower you to distinguish problems at an early stage, help to monitor your fleet, and plan for any commercial vehicle servicing in advance. They will create service reports, servicing, inspection, and MOT schedules and reminders, with the goal that all fleet maintenance can be planned and budgeted for time lily.

Optimum performance
A few garages offer a commercial vehicle program so you can keep your vehicles at optimum performance and maintenance levels with customary commercial vehicle servicing. This will eventually help you to deal with your fleet costs and lessen the costs and risks of separate. Look for the best deals and a service program that works best for your business. If you possess a substantial fleet at that point discounts might be accessible for van, truck or lorry servicing, given the volume of vehicles that require servicing. What's more, if you have different vehicle models, ensure that the garage can give service to every one of them.

Excellent condition

One of the principal duties of a vehicle owner is keeping their car in excellent condition. Doing as such will help ensure road safety. Consistent maintenance and car servicing will help keep the car fit as a fiddle, and it can likewise enhance the vehicle's performance. Appropriate maintenance and servicing will also help prevent significantly higher costs on repair over the long haul.

For some vehicle owners, for example, you, car servicing is the slightest of their favorite exercises. They discover it tedious, and it can incur significant damage on one's finances, particularly if it isn't done all the time. Car maintenance isn't just about changing oil every 15,000 kilometers or thereabouts. It is likewise about essential checks and services that will keep your car running reliably, safely, and smoothly. Besides maintenance, it is additionally key that your car goes under legitimate vehicle repair on the off chance that you trust that its performance it not getting it done.

Selecting a servicing garage
Ensure that your garage can cater to the vehicle sizes that you have and ensure that their staff is prepared technicians that know about commercial vehicle servicing and in a perfect world your model of vehicle. Watch that they have the most recent diagnostic and technical hardware, check on the off chance that they give different services, including electrics, wheel alignment, exhausts, batteries, with the goal that you can get a rebate on other work required.

The Advantages of Car Servicing

Running a car can be a significant cost, particularly nowadays. We pay for car servicing, parking, road tax, repairs, MOTs, petrol, and car insurance premiums and tax, it's endless and guaranteed.

Maintenance cost reduction
Regardless of whether you have a Mercedes, Smart Car, Audi, Mini, BMW, Volkswagen, or commercial vehicle, there is one way you can keep costs to a minimum and ensure you don't pay excessively through the nose: ensuring that you have a general car service.

Prolongs the car-life
Car producers prescribe obviously at what time in a car's life you should have a service, and give a thorough service book that should be stayed up with the latest, particularly on the off chance that you are planning to offer on your car. With regards to exchanging or selling your vehicle, it will have had a not too bad program of maintenance and will conceivably offer at a higher cost, so investment in car servicing is a decent investment. Likewise, if you have a warranty, at that point you will require general servicing to hold fast to the terms and conditions of the warranty.

Car servicing additionally ensures that your car is kept up to the most remarkable standard, and performs at its best level and that the car will keep running as smoothly, safely, effectively and reliably as workable for a long time. Also, when your car is performing taking care of business, you will appreciate driving the car much more and get a lot of satisfaction from it.

Fuel cleanest
With cars' CO2 emissions ending up progressively a factor in motoring life, particularly for new higher car tax bands, having a consistent car service can help fuel consumption be at its cleanest and CO2 emissions at its most reduced.

Reliability of the car
There is nothing more awful than an unreliable car, and we have all had the odd occasion when the car has broken down at the roadside, not started in the morning, or maybe has been in and out of a garage a bigger number of times than it has been running on the road. Investing inconsistent servicing ensures that conceivable problems with the vehicle are preempted, especially if there is a mechanical issue that doesn't take care of that may result in more cost later on. Frequently a service may appear like a decent arrangement of money, especially with the various motoring costs. In any case, in the long-term customary car servicing at a reputable and trusted garage can spare you a great deal of trouble, time and money to keep your car on the road and performing taking care of business.

Car servicing is vital, and a requirement since it will check your car for any repairs and your car will likewise undergo maintenance. This will ensure that your car is in excellent condition consequently reducing the likelihood of accidents. Different car repair and maintenance shops can offer you excellent car maintenance and services.

Saturday, 23 September 2017

Car Service Checklist

A car is considered an absolute necessity. Individuals throughout the world use cars for various reasons, but cars are pretty much used for going to and from work. If you're the individual who uses vehicles most of the time, then reliable car services are important to you. If you allow your automobile to have consistent car servicing, then surely it will be easy to travel smoothly without enduring infuriating car complications along the way, and you can proceed with your daily business with no interference. Car services are viewed as an integral part of car servicing that could keep your vehicle in great running state at all times.

A frequent car service will usually involve the following:

Check or change of car engine oil and filters, fluid, battery cleaning, check up on lights, brakes, clutch, shocks, suspension, tire pressure, windshield wiper replacement, radiator flush, sensor maintenance, assessment of onboard diagnostic and replacement of air filter and spark plug. Learning the basic principles of a few of these services offers you a greater understanding.

Things indicating need of car servicing or repair

Every machine may be fixed or movable needs regular repair and maintenance. For a new person, getting known about the time when the car needs service and repair is a bit confusing. If he is aware of some noticeable things which indicate a need for taking it to car servicing center, he can prevent his car from great damage as well as save the huge expenses. Some of the various things to be regularly noticed are discussed below:

Squealing brakes
Generally, the majority of vehicles require fresh brake pad sets after every 40,000 miles of traveling. Though brake pads are an important part of vehicles, they are inexpensive. They need to be checked at regular intervals of time and must be changed whenever the need for the same arises. Brake sets consist of three components, namely the drum, the rotor and the disc. If a sudden loud noise comes out on applying brakes to the car, it indicates the brake pads need to be replaced, or there is some problem with the brake drum. This thing should never be ignored because this may result in a break fall and further may become a cause of a serious accident.

Noticing the engine oil level
Before starting a journey and after returning from a trip, the engine oil level must be checked. If it is low then should be filled, and if the level keeps on lowering frequently, your car needs servicing. Inadequate engine oil level may cause expensive damage to the engine. It is recommended that you keep checking the driveway, whenever possible and if you see any oily and dark patches, it is confirmed to be an oil leak. In most of the cases, this is not a grave issue.

However, if it is left untreated for a long period, then the supply might just drain comprehensively. Oil leaks can stain any surface it falls into. Oil changes are very common. It is recommended that you change the oil after every few thousand miles of travel. This will help in increasing the shelf life of the vehicle. Also, this practice will help you earn a good resale value if you choose to as your car will remain in a good state.

Big Fat Black Tires
Just like the brakes mentioned above, the vehicle tires are also very unpredictable. The need for them to be repaired or replaced may crop up at any time of the day or night. Nail punctures or other debris on the road may invite worst of the situations. Every material has a certain shelf life, after which it must be repaired or replaced which is surely applicable to tires also. Many car owners practice tire rotation. This will help in minimizing the wearing of tires, allowing them to make the most out of the tires.

Engine temperature
A car coolant is used to keep the temperature of the engine regulated. This can be noticed through the temperature indicator inside the car. If the needle of the indicator is more towards hot side, the driving must be avoided as it may cause damage to the engine and car as a whole.

Ignition System car repairs
Starter problem is a grave issue, and in most cases they require replacements. Ignition replacements may consist of battery repairs for instance charging. As per the conditions, either replacement or repairing of the vehicle parts takes place. You can get in touch with a mobile mechanics, to help you in understanding the present condition of your vehicle.

Correct alignment
If your car pulls itself to one side, it indicates misalignment of the wheels. This may be caused by various reasons including tilting of alignment of the rear or front steering axis. The rear axle of the car may cause one side pulling. Cylinder fluid can be another factor causing one side tilting. One should get the alignment done regularly.

Electrical repairs
Problems in the electrical systems take place seldom. This might include simple stuff like fixing of Blown fuses, lamp bulbs to complex stuff such as wiring repairs or installations.

Getting MOT test done
It is essential for every car owner to get the MOT test done. This document is required to be kept by the car owner along with an annual renewal. It is a legal necessity for the car owner to get a MOT test certificate. Although a person can get his car tested at any time within when the certificate gets expired, the renewal is possible after testing only. This test certifies the safety of the car owner as well as the other people using the road.

It's now clear that having your car undergo regular maintenance procedure will guarantee safety and longer life to the motor vehicle. Make certain that you entrust your motor vehicle solely with educated mechanics who have in depth awareness on critical car components to get the necessary repairs done properly. Therefore, all car owners should take their cars for service at regular interval of time. But the irony of life is that people fail to do so. The most common reason for failing to conduct regular car servicing is time.

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Types of Car Servicing

The maintenance requirements for each car are different. Some of them require maintenance every 3000 miles, while some of them will go up to 12,000 miles between services. The components that need to be changed during the service also vary from make to make and even from model to model. For this reason, it is better to refuse to service the car to professionals, rather than do it yourself.

Most cars require different types of services at the various stages of their lives. For all cars, a simple type A service is needed, in which the oil changes, and the fluid level and the primary vehicle systems are checked. Services of type B, including such as the replacement of air filters, oil filters, spark plugs and more detailed inspections of the primary systems of the car, are necessary at different moments in the life of all cars. These two types of services are sometimes called temporary and full services.

Vehicle Maintenance Options
Manufacturers prefer to use their dealer network for service, but you can safely get their service in many other places. A good mobile mechanic can perform full service at home or in a car park. Independent mechanics with their garages also provides excellent service.

In theory, you can even repair your car yourself. However, the fact that modern cars are quite complex means that for this you need to have access to some specialized tools. Combine this need for special tools with the fact that most people do not have the necessary level of mechanical skill, and you understand why very few people choose this option.

The best option for car maintenance
For today the best variant of service of the car is service of your vehicle by the service center. These centers are a relatively new type of garage that opens all over the UK. They do not perform complex repairs, such as replacing the clutch or gearbox, but offer MOT, brake, tire release and replacement. However, their primary goal is to provide high-quality car service at a very favorable price.

Basic Inspection And Maintenance During Car Servicing

A lot of car owners have no idea what happens when they send their car for servicing. It is a fact that when it comes to the various parts of your vehicle and the maintenance it entails, most car owners have little idea. However, it is useful to be aware as to what comprises a good car service. Car owners must also have a thorough understanding of how to properly maintain their vehicle.

As a car owner, you know the importance of maintaining your vehicle. If you fail to properly maintain your vehicle, you will have to face the consequences of having a rotten vehicle. You will be more likely to encounter road problems and accidents. You will also face huge repair costs if you don't perform proper and regular car maintenance. For this reason, it is advantageous to see to your vehicle's maintenance by bringing it to a car servicing shop. There are several areas that are looked into by a car mechanic while your vehicle is sent for servicing. Crucial car parts and equipment are also inspected. The inspection may include checking the leads for any wear and tear, changing the air filter when necessary, inspecting the spark plugs for any signs of deterioration, checking to see if the bulbs are working, and replacing the wiper blades to ensure clear visibility.

During car servicing, the water levels in the tank also checked. Additionally, there will also be routine checks on the pipes and hoses that connectING the water carrier to the various parts of the vehicle's body. This will ensure that the hoseare in proper condition, and neither is soft nor leaking. Car servicing also include regular changing of the oil filter. The motor oil filter is very vulnerable to wear and tear. Servicing your vehicle will also provide an excellent opportunity for the mechanic to check the car, and make sure that the quality of the lubricant used is good. On top of this, the air filter of your vehicle is also checked. This will help you save on fuel consumption.

These are just some of the services included when you take your vehicle to a servicing center. A good and credible car mechanic will keep you informed about the services offered, and they will have proper policies with regards to their services. They will also provide you with a considerable price for the car repair and services they offered.

What To Expect From A Car Maintenance Service?

Motor vehicles have become a critical element in human existence. We rely on them for transportation, safety, entertainment and other benefits. Naturally, therefore, car maintenance also emerges as an important factor in our daily lives. First-time auto owners and seasoned owners alike may wonder what to expect from a car maintenance service.

Vehicle Inspection
The service specialist will have to inspect the vehicle to determine its servicing needs. These should communicate to the consumer in clear terms.This is a significant step as it helps to determine the cost that will be attached to the car service.

Cost Overview
One of the items that top the list of what to expect from a car maintenance service is an estimate of the expense of the services being offered. This helps the consumer to be prepared to either accept the services or seek a better offer elsewhere. It is important to communicate with the service provider the desire for an estimate especially if it appears that none will be provided.This should provide the repairs done.

Replacement Parts
Sometimes during the servicing of a vehicle, it is determined that replacing some parts is necessary.In this case, the dealer is expected to offer the customer the old parts after the servicing is complete. This is important to note particularly when the cost of the new part is included in the estimates or the bill.The decision to allow the old parts to remain with the dealer is totally up to the customer.
An Open Line of Communication

The car servicing provider should also maintain contact with the consumer.This is important as authorization will be needed if additional repair or maintenance needs emerge after the inspection has been done.The user's permission will be needed before these addressed. They should also provide the consumer with the estimated time within which the servicing will be completed and the time when the vehicle may be picked up.

Additionally, a good car servicing provider will have after servicing contact.This means that they will communicate with the customer to determine whether the service done was satisfactory.They will also communicate with the client as a way of reminding him when the vehicle needs to be repaired again.

Knowing what to expect from a car maintenance service prepares the customer for any car servicing experience. This is so since it allows for a certain amount of ease of mind especially as one is confident about what is taking place.