Sunday, 14 June 2015

7 Deadly Mistakes To Avoid While Servicing Your Car

It is very much important to take your car for servicing and maintenance occasionally to make sure your car will last for a long time. If you own a car, then you will know that modern cars need more maintenance than those cars which were used few years back. There are some faults that are made by the car owners which should be avoided. To make sure that you are doing everything effectively and correctly, here are the 7 mistakes you should avoid while getting your car serviced in Singapore –

First: Check The Fluid Levels
Most of the people check the oil of their cars but forget to check other fluid levels. But these are extremely important elements of the car and help the car to function normally. So, whenever you send your car for a thorough car servicing it is very much essential to check the fluid levels. If you fail to do so, then it can lead to breakdown of your car and it will cost you more to get it repaired. Hence, in order to prevent these mishaps you need to be more conscious about this and get it check every time you take your car for maintenance.

Second: Replace Burnt Out Bulbs
Often the cars are taken to service centres during the day time and that is why majority of the people forget to check the bulbs. But replacing the burnt out bulbs is very much important and you need to do it as driving a car without its headlights or taillights can be very risky and unsafe for you. In fact it is a major risk in for the safety of yours and other people on the road. Replacing the burnt out bulbs take just few minutes and can be done easily too. Even it is against the traffic rules to drive the car without proper headlights and taillights when it is dark. So, make sure you do it on time.

Third: Check The Tire Pressure
This is one of the very common mistakes done by almost each and every car owner. Either they forget to check the tire pressure or they just ignore doing it while servicing the car as they think it is not important. You may also have to go somewhere in hurry and that is why just avoid doing that. But do not avoid this as it can be a major risk. If the tire pressure are not normal then the risk of tear and wear increases. Even due to improper pressure of the tire, it can get blown out while you are driving. This is because of the excess heat caused due to high pressure. Make sure you are replacing the tires on a regular basis. Also, make sure to check the pressure often.

Forth: Remove The Useless Weights
When you are ready for car servicing, be sure to remove all the weights from the car that are not useful. Often people keep extra things inside their cars to make sure that they do not forget to carry it next day. This of course increases the weight of the car. Extra weights on the car can consume a lot of fuel more than the normal. Even the car becomes prone to shock and create a negative impact on tires due to these extra weights. So, you need to remove these weights to make sure that the car and its tires last for a long time.

Fifth: Change Fuel and Air Filters
Many times due to clogged filters the cars fail to work properly. That is why it is very much important to make sure that you change the air and fuel filters on a regular basis. While the car servicing is done, ensure that the filters are checked. This will keep the car in proper conditions and it will function well and properly too. It is not that expensive to change the filters and so you can do it often. By doing this you can avoid the unnecessary problems in the car and prevent it from getting damaged.

Sixth: Replace The Bad Wipers
When the weather is friendly in Singapore, people often forget to check or replace the wipers. But after a certain time period wipers do not work properly and need to be replaced often. Wipers are one of the most essential components of your car and should be kept in right conditions. You never know when you will need it as the weather can change anytime. In that situation, if the wipers are not functioning properly then you may face a lot of problems. You will not be able see properly through the windshield causing problems while driving. It can cause accidents and cause safety hazards.

Seventh: Replace The Tires
Always make sure that the tires of the cars are check regularly. If the tires are worn out or having any problem then replacing it with a new tire. If you are driving with a torn or worn out tire then it can be very risky and not safe at all for you as well as for others on the street. There are date code stamps on the tires which you can check to confirm when to replace them. If you do not and ignore this then it can be proved to be one of the biggest mistakes.

You have to be careful with your car. Owning a car is pretty easy but maintenance and car servicing is quite a heavy task. You have to keep in mind some important things which are very much essential. While you are driving on roads it is very much important to make sure that your car is in its best condition. If not then it can be really a huge risk for you. That is why make sure that you check and replace the parts and necessary components whenever they are needed. The above mentioned 7 points are very much important and they are the common mistakes done by people here in Singapore. So, you need to avoid all these. Be safe and drive safe!

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