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What To Take Note On After Car Servicing

One of the main responsibilities of a vehicle owner is keeping their car in excellent condition. Doing so will help ensure road safety. Regular maintenance and car servicing will help keep the car in tip-top shape, and it can also improve the vehicle's performance. Proper maintenance and servicing will also help prevent much higher costs on repair in the long run.

Therefore, car servicing forms part of accountable car ownership. The driver which manages his car could be pleased with his possession. If you value your automotive, you may go ahead and take necessary time and problems to see to it that the car is usually in a roadworthy and efficient condition.

For many vehicle owners, such as you, car servicing is the least of their favorite activities. They find it time-consuming, and it can take a toll on one's finances, especially if not done on a regular basis. Car maintenance is not only about changing oil every 15,000 kilometers or so. It is also about important checks and services that will keep your car running reliably, safely, and smoothly. Aside from maintenance, it is also vital that your car goes under proper vehicle repair if you believe that its performance it not at its best.

The car service mobile service provider is mobile service which comes to you and will fulfill all your car needs, beginning with the basic service requirements right down to probably the most intricate and sophisticated details. Expert vehicle mechanics with such services could be more than willing to appeal to your entire car servicing needs.

Usually, the life of an automobile can extend as much as ten years or maybe more. The life span of an automobile isn't only limited to the make or perhaps model, however, more so on how it had been dealt with by the owner. Car servicing should not be overlooked. A conscientious car owner is very much conscious of the need for his automobile and wants to see that every bit of benefit it can offer is reasonably exhausted before it being finally discarded.

Subjecting your vehicle to car service does not have to be pricey, although it is a thing that must be carried out routinely. Changing the oil after it has run 5 to 10 thousand kilometers will guarantee a person of a smooth running situation. The moving parts of an engine should always be well-lubricated to guarantee appropriate functioning. Straightforward things like looking at the spark plugs and the windshield wiper blades will raise the life of your valuable vehicle.

To ensure safety driving, you need to take Note On the following after car servicing:

- Brakes should be given careful attention. Faulty brakes happen to be one of the major causes of automobile accidents. The brake pads, discs, and brake linings ought to be examined carefully and replaced at the appropriate time.

- The vehicle battery, as the center of the electric system, ought to be offered enough attention.
Nevertheless, in the event the alternator and the distributor are usually taken for granted, you might find your vehicle stuck on the highway one day. The relays and battery cables are additionally extremely important in the internal functioning of the automobile.

- Regular examination of your vehicle is not heavy on your budget. Nonetheless, not maintaining routine attention may cause key difficulties afterward. This left alone, automobiles will breakdown and also, at times, these minor car issues take place at the most bothersome time. Normal car servicing is retaining a watchful eye in your treasured possession. All things considered, your safety is furthermore at risk.

- You can experience some serious issues due to an improper or faulty servicing. Minor issues can turn into a major debacle due to improper repairs. Even the slightest difference (between two spares) can hamper your car performance. Problems can get very serious if you install faulty or poor quality spares in the vehicle.

- One cannot recycle some auto parts after a certain point in time. Car batteries are certainly one of them. All batteries have a shelf life, and they usually perish after that. Old batteries do not charge properly and always break down after a certain time. The same thing applies to electrical components. You must install a new auto electrical system if you want to get a good performance. No matter what you do, you will never get a quality performance by repairing them.

- Never go for an electrical system servicing. These never work and you will always face some problems. The electrical components have a brief shelf life. An electrical component certainly loses its efficiency after the shelf life. So, it is always better to opt for a total replacement, rather than any repair.

- Never compromise with the auto servicing quality if you want your car in good shape.
Cheap or inferior repairs are pretty lethal at times. These can always lead to accidents (resulting in severe injuries or trauma). Choosing such inferior repairs is always suicidal. No reliable mechanics do not offer a quality repair. So, these always have some potential threats and are pretty costly in the long run.

If you wish to optimize your car performance, you should always hire a quality professional. This will help you to stay safe and healthy on the road.

Friday, 18 November 2016

Car Servicing For Complete Car Care

Types of Car Servicing

The servicing requirements of each car are different. Some require servicing every 3,000 miles whilst some will go as long as 12,000 miles between services. The components that need to be changed during the service also vary from make to make, and even from model to model. For this reason, it is better to leave car servicing to the professionals rather than doing it yourself.

Most vehicles require different types of services at different stages in their life. A simple type A service, where the oil is changed and fluid levels and the basic systems of the car are checked is needed by all cars. Type B services including things like the changing of air filters, oil filters, spark plugs and more detailed checks of the vehicle's basic systems are needed at varying points in the life of all cars. These two types of services are sometimes referred to as interim and full services.

Your Car Servicing Options

The manufacturers prefer you to use their dealership network to get servicing done, but you can safely get your servicing done in many other places. A good mobile mechanic can perform a full service at your home or in a car park. Independent mechanics with their own garages also provide good servicing.

In theory, you can even service your car yourself. However, the fact that modern cars are quite complicated means that to do so you need to have access to some specialist tools. Couple this need for specialist tools with the fact that most people do not have the necessary level of mechanical skill and you understand why very few people choose this option.

The Best Car Servicing Option

By far the best car servicing option is getting your car serviced by a servicing centre. These centres are a relatively new type of garage that are opening up. They do not carry out complicated repairs such as clutch or gearbox replacements, but do offer MOTs, brake, exhaust and tyre replacement. However, their main purpose is to provide good quality car servicing for a very competitive price.

Car servicing for complete car care

When you are in need of car servicing you have two options: either to go for franchised dealers or your local garage services. It is not surprising to know that the franchised dealer may quote nearly 20% more than your local reliable car garage. They treat you better than the franchised one and in 8 out of 10 cases come up quickly than the other. Quotes from independent car servicing are the lowest and they are more reliable in terms of price and quality of service. However, when you enquire for an MOT, the rate may not vary much. But when you can rely on the quality of service, why you should spend more? 

Car servicing will vary according to the level of service you require and the garage that you use in order to complete your service. A full service is usually required every year while an interim service, which is not quite as comprehensive as a full service, is normally conducted 6 months after and before a full service. You may also have what is sometimes referred to as an oil service which can prove especially beneficial if you cover a lot of miles in your car.

With all levels of service you will enjoy a replacement for your oil and oil filters which will help ensure that your car continues to run at its best. All fluid levels, including brake fluid and power steering fluid are also checked and topped up. If you want anti-freeze topping up then you should make sure that your level of service covers this because it may not be included in the most basic level of service.

Some of the essential checks that you will enjoy in all services include a check of the lights, wipers, battery, and other essential components of the car. An intermediate check will also look at the condition of the brakes, shock absorbers, and suspension while a full service goes even further with full checks of many of the systems in your car.

Car servicing should be considered an important factor in ensuring that your car will continue to run at its best for many years to come. Servicing does not guarantee that problems will not occur but by checking that the engine is kept in as good a condition as possible means that you have a greater chance of experiencing fewer breakdowns. What's more, any possible problems can be identified early which means that they can be repaired before they become too costly.

Car servicing becomes cheaper for electrical repairs as well. You can rely on garage services for critical servicing involving brake and exhaust repairs and replacement or engine work as well. The rate quoted by a dealer in replacing a cam belt or timing belt was found to be nearly 60% higher than a local car garage. A good garage will never insist on unnecessary oil change after every 3,000 miles, because most of the modern cars now use synthetic oils that can last 7,500 miles or even more. They also come with oil change indicators. You will save money on this account and will also contribute to a greener environment.

Another advantage of hiring a local car servicing is the quality of service you get on maintaining your car. The engineers at car servicing would advise you how you should check the battery of your car. Though very cold temperatures may reduce the battery's power by almost 50 per cent they would advice you on protecting it from summer heat. To minimize any problem arising from the battery you can keep the terminals clean from corrosion by applying a mixture of baking soda and water and by tightening the cable connections. Once the battery is more than three years old, you should get it checked at periodic interval.

Extreme variation in temperature can lower the tyre pressure that again adversely affects the vehicle's mileage. It also causes the tyres to wear more quickly. Your car servicing checks the tyres carefully whenever you take the vehicle for a repair or car servicing. Always check the review sites to find out more about the garage services to see how the service has been rated by the past users. These reviews are mostly unbiased and you can form your opinion properly.

A full service is the most comprehensive level of service available. In addition to everything mentioned above, you will also benefit from a drive belt check, alignment check, bearing check, and a check of the condition of the brake fluid. Furthermore you will enjoy replacements for your fuel filter or spark plugs and air filter.

You should call or visit car servicing before you get the work done. Though you may consider this to be a hassle, it may save money for you. Once you see the garage physically you can judge the level of business the take up and busy engineers means reliable service. Turnover of the car servicing garage also indicates that people rely on them for their servicing jobs. The garage should be welcoming and you may like to peep into the work area, which should be clean. Talk to the engineers and if they are in the business for years they would be able to service your car to your satisfaction.

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Can We Service My BMW in Normal Workshop?

Taking your BMW to any workshop can be disastrous to your vehicle. In this case, you should take your time to find the best BMW repair experts in your neighborhood. In most cases, you should exercise great diligence before taking your BMW to any workshop in Singapore because not all of them are reputable. If the workshop misses or two vital things needed for repair, this is a clear indication that they are not proficient in servicing your BMW vehicle. In this case, you should go ahead and search for a reliable and reputable workshop to service your car.

In most cases, a detailed maintenance booklet is provided with your BMW car. Though new vehicles are based on advanced technologies, some things can be done by the driver to keep the vehicle in well-maintained condition. Inspections of brake fluids, checking fluid level, changing oil, checking tire inflation, are things that should be checked regularly. Most of these things can be done without the help of a professional mechanic. However, some of the things such as changing of oil and inspection of oil require reputable car serving company for your BMW vehicle.

Why should you hire reliable car Repair Company for your BMW?

Taking your BMW to an ordinary workshop or street garage may do harm than good to your vehicle. There many reasons for taking your BMW car to a reputable workshop in Singapore.

#1. High level of expertise
Reputable car service companies have enough expertise to handle high-end vehicles such as BMW and Mercedes-Benz. Most of the service of such vehicles goes beyond normal troubleshooting and body works. Highly skilled technicians check the vehicle depending on the information provided by the customers. However, this is not the case as most of the customers do not understand their cars, so reputable car experts have automated vehicle diagnostics that pinpoint the problem and save valuable time for the clients.

Moreover, the reputable BWM experts have specialists who have high level of skills in motor vehicle repair or service. In this case, you can trust them with your BMW to fix the problem of your vehicle within the shortest time possible.

#2. Vast experience 
When it comes to the experience of the car repair company, reputable car experts have enough of it. Their mechanics have thousand of man-hours or repairing any BMW model available in the market today. The highly experienced technicians handle all kinds of engine problems as well as other issues that may crop up in your BMW vehicle. This experienced is coupled with continuous training the staff receives on emerging automobile technologies.

Therefore, reputable car Repair Company can handle both old and new BMW vehicles. Moreover, reputable car Service Company can provide references from their past customers. In this case, you will know whether the company provides ultimate customer satisfaction. In most cases, the customers post online reviews about the company, and this will provide a hint whether they will handle your BMW or not.

#3. Offer additional motor vehicle repair and restoration services 
It is well known that expert vehicle repair companies deliver services beyond the engine repairs. A reputable BMW repair company should be able to offer extra services to ensure your vehicle is up to the standards. You should understand that there other parts of your vehicle that is important in the operation of the vehicle. In this case, expert technicians use advanced equipment to access these parts and deliver the best service. It does not matter whether your BMW needs break repair or installation of auto accessories; all you need is a real professional repair service that will offer excellent service quickly.

#4. Affordable services 
The cost of your BMW repair can vary with the different automobile repair companies. You should take your vehicle to a reputable company that does not hurt your budget. When it comes to cost, the quality of the service also matters. Some companies offer cheap rates but do not perform the repairs as expected. Therefore, an expert vehicle repair company provides high-quality repair services on your vehicle without charging extra. However, a reliable BMW repair company will notify you in advance if other problems are discovered.

#5. Excellent customer service 
A reputable company values their clients and goes an extra mile to provide them with better service. During the vehicle repair services, a good company always communicates with you on the progress of the repair. Also, their mechanics has excellent communication skills to translate complicated automobile repair jargon to straightforward and easy-to-understand language to benefit their customers.

#6. Latest technology 
It is important to understand that motor vehicle technology evolves and reputable auto Repair Company strive to remain at the top so to serve their customers better. For instance, the hybrid vehicles have become popular in the market. In this case, a motor vehicle repair company should equip their staff with skills to handle the ever-changing technology. If you have a hybrid BMW vehicle, you should not take it to any workshop because they may not have sufficient skills to handle your vehicle.

#7. Certified 
A reputable automobile repair company possesses many certifications from various authorities. For instance, a reliable company has been certified by BMW to handle all kinds of BMW vehicles. Moreover, repair technicians have formal qualifications in the automotive repair industry. In this case, you will have confidence that your vehicle is being handled by individuals who have in-depth knowledge of what they are doing.


Taking your BMW car to any automobile repair can be very costly especially if they are not insured. You will use a lot of money on the vehicle repair as you are not guaranteed if your car will be repaired as expected.

When looking for auto repair workshop to service your BMW, you should consider factors such as expertise, service quality, use of modern technology, and cost. Look for a motor vehicle repair company that provides their customer with affordable and quick services without compromising the quality. Perhaps, the most important thing is to hire Auto Repair Company that provides warranty for their workmanship. In this case, hiring a reputable BMW Repair Company will not only provide you with high-quality service but also saves you a lot of money.

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

How Often Should You Do Car Inspection In Singapore?

The importance of frequent car inspection cannot be stressed enough especially when you are living in a city like Singapore, where there is a greater chance of damage along with wear and tear. So how frequently do you take your car for inspection? Is it once every year, every month, or every week? The truth of the matter is, there is no absolute answer to this question because every car is different and the conditions change differently. If you want to take your car for inspection service, there are a few things you must know that will make sure everything goes smoothly.

How often should you send your car for inspection?

According to the customary laws of Singapore, if you have a car or station wagon then it is not mandatory to send it for review for the first three years. If your car is 3 to 10 years old, then sending it for inspection biennially is mandatory. If your vehicle is more than ten years old, then you have to send it for review at least once every year. Even though this is the official list of what should be the minimum inspection frequency, the general rule of thumb states that your car will be in better condition if you can at least get your vehicle inspected 3 to 4 times every year.

For private hire cars, there is no need to send for inspection if it is less than three years old. However, if it is between 3 to 10 years old and 10 years above, you have to send it at least once every year. The rules are different for another type of vehicles like public buses, taxis, motorcycles and scooters, light goods vehicles, etc. So, a thorough consultation is necessary the car is sent for servicing.

What does car inspection consist?

What an inspection services conduct regular sessions stretching from bumper to bumper. Within these sessions, the mechanic or support staff checks for scratches, cracks, dents, and pits that are usually found on its exteriors like Windows or windshield. These elements can prove to be extremely dangerous because high pressure may shatter the glass, thus putting the lives of passengers in danger. After checking the exterior, the inspector takes a look at the dents, scratches, dings on the panels right after they are done with checking the car's paint job and body repair. The mechanic also checks the tire condition as well as tread depth.

Interior inspection

When checking the interior of the vehicle, the inspector's first take a look at the condition of carpet and upholstery. Some components that make for poor interior conditions are stains, tears, burns, rot, etc. Once the cosmetic conditions have been checked, then it's time to focus on the electrical components that include the radio, reverse lights, power windows, headlamps, rearview cameras, and other elements that you may have added later. The dashboard is also a necessary part of inspection that can provide critical information about your vehicle.

How to choose the proper car inspection and repair workshop

Before you send over your car for repairs and maintenance, there are a few essential things you must keep in mind to ensure your money doesn't go to waste. Most car repair businesses thrive on providing the best value for money by offering a consistent quality of service. To find a service provider that is ideal for you, look for the following qualities:

1. Quality of technicians: Only go for a workshop that has a strong track record of accomplishing complex auto operations and repair work. A well-reputed workshop will have first-rate technicians who are expert in their field and ready to put their best foot forward to repair your vehicle. Inquire about the experience of the professionals and also their hands on skill in fixing various auto parts. Ensure that the mechanics are up-to-date with the evolving regulations in the automobile industry.

2. Have the right equipment: The choice of proper equipment can never be undermined because the safety of your car depends on it. A reputable auto repair shop should continually upgrade the equipment and security systems to keep up with the latest generation computer oriented automobiles. They should be able to utilize the most advanced diagnostic technology available and conduct the repair work accordingly. By getting to the root of your vehicle's problem, the repair shop would save not only time but also your money.

3. Panel of experts: Only send your car for servicing to a workshop that employs a highly knowledgeable group of people as service advisors. It would be greatly beneficial for you in the case of an emergency situation, where you would need a specialized advice from experienced service advisors. It is imperative that you get all your doubts and queries cleared before proceeding any further or else you might have some regret as to why your car needs inspection and servicing. If you value your peace of mind, then it's better to spend a little extra and use a professional maintenance company rather than go with amateurs and end up paying more in the long run.

4. Value for money: Not every "reputed" car service provider conducts business to please their customers; many wrongly charge their clients to make more profits. To stay clear of these shady establishments, always compare between two or more companies and check for their reputation and overall customer satisfaction before going ahead with the inspection. You never know how cheaply you can get the work done while getting all the benefits of a vehicle inspection.


Car inspection is a necessary aspect of maintenance that you cannot afford to ignore by any means. By getting your car regularly inspected, not only will you have safe rides and easier driving sessions but also ensure that your favorite vehicle lasts for decades. If you are in Singapore and haven't had your car checked in a while, it's high time that you take the initiative to do so for the better of both yourself and your precious automobile.

Sunday, 28 August 2016

Tips to Keep your Car Tyres in Good Condition

The safety of a driver, the occupants as well as that of any car, is strongly tied to the effective maintenance of the car tires. Unfortunately, the basic part is usually ignored by a lot of people probably because of ignorance or inadequate knowledge based on maintenance. Meanwhile, it is often said that ignorance is not an excuse in law even though this may not directly relate to a law court. The truth is that, unless you are fully equipped with relevant information on how to maintain your car tires, you may keep spending a fortune on tire replacement. Some of the essential facts worth knowing include:

- Maintenance Hints: Ideally, there are many good sources to obtain effective maintenance tips for your car tires. Some of them include websites, via car professional mechanics in addition to your vehicle user manual. But the choice lies on you to go for a good source, read and be attentive to good instructions.

- Tire balancing: Obviously, your wheel hub will be suitably fixed at your mechanics place. Do not hesitate to ask your mechanics reasonable question related to your wheel tire balancing and also allow him/her to thoroughly examine all major parts.

- Periodic alignment: One of the essential parts of maintaining your tire is to subject it to timely wheel alignment. In fact, tire alignment is very vital for the vehicle to run straight and smooth. Better still; it assists in retaining the tread wear in addition to the highly precise steering capability and sound suspension.

- Inflation of tires as recommended: Essentially, you must always endeavor to examine car tire pressure very often particularly before proceeding on any long trips. Ideally, you are expected to check your car tires at least once monthly. As a matter of fact, inflating tires appropriately highly contributes to the safety of any vehicle. It is noteworthy to state that low tire pressure contains tread wear and also minimizes the lifespan of such tire. The simple reason is that too much heat is been generated by barely inflated tires. On the other hand, extremely inflated tires also have an adverse effect on car tires and then reduce their useful life. It is recommended to always maintain very effective air gauge in the car. It is also expected that you have good idea of pressure most suitable for your type of tire. Go through the user manual for better understanding or even visit the producer's websites. If you have your way, you can even apply an air gauge of good standard in order to obtain the best outcome.

- Regular rotation of tire: Due to the irregularity in weight distribution of the car, it is very important to always rotate the car tires in order to ensure the even tread wear. This could be done manually. The best guide is in 6000 out of every 8000 miles of running.

Make sure you follow all the instructions stated above with care in order to ensure long life span and your personal safety.

Tips for Keeping Your Tires in Good Shape and Protect Your Wallet

It can pay dividends, literally, to keep your car's tires in good shape. If you don't make sure that your car's tires have the proper air pressure, are rotated regularly and in good alignment, then you harm your car's fuel efficiency. Given the way fuel prices are, that can add up pretty quickly. So, learn what you need to do to keep your four rubber tires working their best to keep your fuel bill to a minimum, and get the added benefit of doing your part to protect the environment.

One of the easiest things related to tire maintenance to keep under control is inflation. Your tires have to have a certain amount of air pressure to work properly, and you need to check them every so often to see if they are in the proper range. Each pound of pressure that your tires are under inflated will cost you .4% of your fuel economy, so make sure that your tires are properly inflated! If you don't know what the proper PSI of your tires are, you will be able to find one listed in your glove compartment. Also, make sure that all your tires are evenly inflated. Unevenly inflated tires will lessen fuel efficiency almost as much as under inflated tires. Make sure that you keep track of your tires' pressure. It's as easy as checking a gauge every now and then, so do it.

During the colder winter months, you will have to pay special heed to your tires' pressure. That is because as the air cools, the air pressure in your tires will drop. In fact, it is one pound of pressure for every 10 degrees Fahrenheit. So, during the winter, you will likely have to add a bit of air during the colder months, which in turn will help your tires cut through the slushy, snowy muck that can form them.

Keeping your tires properly rotated can also greatly improve your fuel economy. Tire rotation ensures that no one area of your tires gets excessive wear. If you are not sure of the right way to rotate your tires, check your car's owner's manual. You should have your tires rotated twice per year.

When you are ready for a replacement tire, make sure that you purchase the right tire for your car. Check your owner's manual for the right size and type. Desirable characteristics for fuel efficiency include low rolling resistance, and long tire life. When you are purchasing your tires, tell the dealer that you are interested in maximizing fuel economy, and they will help you choose the right tire to do so.

Finally, make sure that your car's tires are all correctly in alignment. This needs to be checked once every year; probably one of the times you have your tires rotated. Tires that are misaligned do not roll freely, and so will consume more fuel, shorten your tires' lifespan, and also impede a vehicle's handling ability.

Also remember that poorly kept tires can be a safety hazard. Racing slicks are good for a track, but not a wet road. Saving fuel money may also save your life.

Sunday, 5 June 2016

11 Tips To Take Note On Vehicle Spray Painting

There are so many things that you can do for repairing of your car. Some of these things could be really easy while some other things could be very complicated and tricky for you. But if we talk about a work that is the most complicated task in any do it yourself car repairing work, then painting your vehicle can be the most daunting task. In most of the cases, you can find it almost impossible to do at your home. But thankfully there are some basic tips that can help you do spray painting on your vehicle like experts and you can get amazingly great result as well.

Here I am sharing 11 tips to take note on vehicle spray painting for the optimum result in the best possible manner.

Do the preparation: Before you start doing any work for spray painting your vehicle, it is essential that you do the preparation for same. You get all kind of equipment’s, tools and toys to avoid any kind of troubles in the future. Talking about the material that you will need I can list that for you. You will need newspaper, some plastic sheets, sanders, painter tapes, spray gun, paint for spray painting, car wax, and safety goggles. These are the most basic things and you must need to do to finish the paint job for your car in the best possible manner.

Clean the car: For spray painting, first you will have to clean it from all kind of dust, dirt and stain as well. If you will have stain on it, then your entire painting work will go to vein and it will neither give any good look to you not its paint will last for long. So, it is advised that you wash your car using pressure washer. If you have some rust on your vehicle that is scrapping out, then you should remove it properly using the water jet.

Do the sanding: For proper spray painting on your vehicle, first you will have to keep it clean and smooth. If you have any rust on it, then you shall remove the rust using this sander. Along with that, you should also remove the previous paint using this same method. This will not give any trouble to you, if you have a good sander. So, that is another important thing that you need to do for same.

Fill the gaps: If you have a new car that is free from dust and you want to paint that new car again, then you will not need to do any filling for same. However, this is not the case if you are spray painting an old car. Every old vehicle can have some kind of holes in it due to rust and other environmental factors. To deal with this situation, it is advised that you use high quality body filler for same and you fill all the holes and gaps with it. That will help you get good quality result in your spray painting.

Do block sanding: Block sanding is another step that you have to do to get smoothness on your paint surface. The block sanding tool will make the surface even and smooth after you use the body filler for same. For block sanding you can use a 180 grit sandpaper and eventually you can reduce the grits to have a smoother finish. You can check the result using your hand if you feel it is not smooth at any point then you can remove the same using girt paper.

Remove parts: Ideally, you need to rip your car and you should paint each and every part of your vehicle in a separate manner. However, if you are planning to paint your car at your home, then this might not be the best or practical solution for you. In that situation, you should try to remove all the things that you can and you should cover all the other things that are hard to remove. For example, you can remove all the tyres as it will be easy and if you have some easy to remove grips on the edges, then you should remove that as well.

Cover it: If you notice some part is non -removable easily then you should cover the parts with paper, plastic sheet and painters tape. That will help you do your spray painting work with more confidence. Talking about the parts that you may need to cover, then your headlight, handles, glasses are some of the things that you need to cover before spray painting your car.

Apply primer: If you remove the paint from your car along with rust, and you can see the metal, then it is extremely important you apply primer before spray painting your car. When you apply the primer, then make sure you use only a good quality primer else it might reduce the quality of your pain work.

Sand the primer: After applying primer, you have to lightly sand the primer to get smooth finish on it. If you will not sand it, then you might not get the smooth finish on it. So, if you are spray painting your car, make sure you do the sanding on it after the primer is dried before applying paint on the vehicle.

Do the spray painting: After you are done with the finishing of your primer, then you must need to apply the spray painting on it properly. When you are done with one coat, then let it dry and once it is dried, then apply second coat on it. This second coat is extremely important and you should not miss that in any condition for better and smooth finish.

Polish the car: This is the last thing that you need to do for your car spray painting. Once you are done with the painting work, then you need to polish the car with proper tools. There are various tools that can help you in this requirement. So, you can try that option and you can have good result with ease. Other than this, you can also polish it with other methods for good outcome.

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

How To Service Your Car?

For it to keep running properly, a car needs regular servicing. It is normal to miss a service here or there when things are tight financially. However, when you do this, your car will be that much closer to breaking down. Car servicing is a costly affair that most car owners try to avoid. If you cover a high yearly mileage, you should consider servicing your own car to save on costs. You will likely save up to two thirds of what any garage would charge you. This is a basic guide that will help you to service your own car.

When should you do maintenance? Consult your car’s handbook for details on when to service your car. If you do not have a manufacturers guide, car servicing should be done from 6,000 to 16,000 miles. Regular car maintenance includes:

.Checking oil level
.Checking hydraulic brake fluid level
.Windscreen washer refilling
.Checking for tire pressure and damage

Engine oil change
The engine should be warm before an oil change because warm oil flows faster than cool oil. Therefore, you should run the engine for about 15 minutes beforehand. Perform the oil change on a level surface. Jack the car up and use a stand for safety. On the top side of the engine, remove the oil cap; not doing so may create a vacuum, causing some oil to remain inside. Put a bucket under the sump plug and drain the oil. Because the oil might be hot, you need to be extra careful.

Using an oil filter wrench, turn it anticlockwise to remove the oil filter. Wipe the mounting surface clean using a towel. Coat a new oil filter gasket with oil and install it by hand until it meets the filter mount. Reinstall the drain plug using a new washer and tighten it accordingly. Refill the engine with oil while checking the car’s oil level indicator. When the level is just below maximum on the dipstick, replace the cap and let the engine run for 10 minutes. Check the oil level again using the dipstick. As you finish up, make sure there are no leaks around the sump plug.

Engine coolant
The cooling system is a very important part of the engine. About a third of the energy produced by engines is wasted after being converted to heat. The right mixture of engine coolant not only keeps the engine from overheating during summer, but also from freezing in the winter. Moreover, it prevents the corrosion of internal components. If you notice a puddle of green, orange, or yellow liquid after parking, you have a leak. The liquid is known as antifreeze and might be coming from holes in the exterior hoses.

Open the car’s hood and check the leak on a plastic piece or hose. Do not touch it, as it might still be hot. If you can see the leak, you might be able to fix it. Simply unclamp the leaking hose and install a new one in its place then reinstall the clamp. If the leak is not visible, then it might be inside the radiator. Do not attempt to fix it yourself; take your car to an expert.

Changing spark plugs
Before you remove the existing spark plugs, get rid of debris that may enter the ignition chamber. Use high quality spark plugs with copper core electrodes and insert them by hand until tight. Tighten them some more with a spark plug removal tool for a 1/2 or 1/4 turn while ensuring that you do not over-tighten as it may cause thread damage.

Replace air filter
An air filter keeps particles of dirt from getting into the engine when it sucks in air. Therefore, it is essential to the operation of your vehicle. Dirty filters affect the performance of your engine as well as mileage. To replace it, simply unscrew the plastic screw on the side of the engine and take the old filter out. Install a new one and screw the lid on.

Replace your brake pads
If you hear a squealing sound after applying the brakes, then it is time to replace your brake pads. On the other hand, if you hear a grinding sound, the rotor needs replacing. If you are a novice, do not attempt to change your own rotor. However, the brake pads are easy to change. Start by loosening the lug nuts on the wheel and jacking up the car. Slide under the car and look for 2 slider bolts that keep the caliper in position. When you find them, remove the lower bolt. You can now check the thickness of your brake pads and change them.

Check windscreen washers
Are the washers and wipers working properly? There is nothing worse than being stuck in a heavy downpour when your wipers do not work. It is also extremely dangerous to drive without wipers when it is raining. If your wipers are faulty, you can have them replaced or do it yourself.

Replacing battery or alternator
If your car is not starting and the accessories will not power on, check your battery and alternator. Use a multimeter to test whether your alternator and battery are dead. If either of them does not measure enough power, it needs to be replaced. The solution might be simpler: if you left your lights on overnight, your battery only needs a jump. When the alternator or battery has failed, a jumpstart will provide a short-term solution.

A full car servicing is not necessary every time. Sometimes, you can save on money by learning how to do your own servicing. When it is time for a full service, you should ask for the cost in advance. This will help you to be prepared and keep you from being hit with hidden charges. To avoid being overcharged, find a garage with good reviews and a good reputation. If you are doing your own car servicing for the first time, buying tools might be more expensive than a basic service. However, it will save plenty of money in the long-term.

Monday, 11 April 2016

How To Solve Car Alignment And Balancing Problem

When you drive your car on the road, then proper alignment of your car is very important. If you don’t have a proper alignment in your car, then proper car balancing could be a nightmare for you. Here you need to understand that this is one of the most important things that you must need to remember to have a safe driving and for the safety of other people as well. If you will not have a proper alignment of wheels and proper balancing of the wheel, then balancing car would be tough and you will have many troubles in it. It will make your vulnerable for the accidents as your car will not run smoothly on the road. Other than this, it can also reduce the life of your car tires and it can also cause the metal fatigue issue in your excel that could lead you to a serious accident.

Thankfully this is not a tough job to do the wheel alignment for balancing the car. In case, you want to know how to solve car alignment and balancing problem, then I am sharing few of the details that can that can help you in this kind of situation and for the wheel alignment purpose.

Causes of the alignment problem: Before you do the alignment of wheels, it is advised that you identify the cause of this mistake. If you will know the root cause of this improper alignment, then balancing car would be really easy for you. If we talk about the reasons of alignment, then it may vary depending on various things including road condition, driving methods. Other than this, if you have been driving your car for a while, then this component may get worn out and they can bend over time. This regular motion can also put strain and stress on the internal part of your car in multiple ways and that can crate problem in balancing car. That means those people that spend a lot of time on the road in their car, then they can have a problem in wheel alignment after a period of time even if they are driving on a smooth and spotless road. However, this kind of issue appear very less for those car owners that drive on highways because mostly highways are smooth does not have any pot holes or bumps in it.

Problems with improper wheel alignment: As I already said, there could be a number of problems that you may face due to improper wheel alignment. First of all, you will find it really hard balancing your car even if you are driving on the smooth road. If you have an alignment problem, then your all four wheels try to move in a different direction and you may find trouble having control on it. That will always keep you at a risk of the accidents. Another issue that you can have due to the improper balancing car is that it will burn more of your tyres. That means you will need to replace your car in shorter time. So, if you don’t spend your money on the alignment of your car, then you are going to spend that money on replacement of your tyres.

When your car needs alignment: In case, you are wondering when you need to do the alignment for balancing the car, then there are certain things that can inform you for same. If you see some uneven or rapid wear and tear in your car, then it is a clear sign you need to do the alignment of your car. Other than this if your vehicle pulling in one direction or if it is drifting away from the straight line, or if your steering is wandering in the centre of the straight road, then it could be a sign of improper wheel alignment for same. Also, if you notice the vibrating problem in the steering wheel while travelling at a fixed speed, or if you notice some other vibration, then you should think about a proper and professional method for balancing car.

How to do the wheel alignment: If I give you the straight answer for this question, then answer is you don’t. There are so many thing that you can do in your car, but blanking car is not one of those things. You can check if you have some lose bolts and if there are any, then you can simply screw that tightly. However, if you notice some other issues are there that are hard to find, then you should call an expert for that. For car balancing you will need to use a number of tools and devices that may not be available there at your home. Also, when you will try doing the wheel alignment, then you will try to finish the work in a quick manner and that will not be a good thing. At the other hand, if you will hire an expert for car balancing, then they will identify the root cause of the problem and they will solve the problem accordingly. Also, they will use proper equipment’s and instruments for this work.

Once the work is completed they will check the alignment of your car with proper tools and equipment so the balancing car could be easy for you. This will not have any trouble or complication for you and you are going to have great outcome for same in really easy manner. Also, if you are assuming you can save more money if you try to do the alignment work by yourself, then you are making a wrong assumption. Most of the time, you spend more money in this do it yourself project as you will have to buy or rent various equipment’s and then you will need to invest time and money in the repairing work as well. But you don’t have to worry about either of these things while taking the services of some experts for car alignment. When you will try this method then this is certain that you are going to have great outcome with ease.

Sunday, 14 February 2016

6 Ways To Do Your Own Car Maintenance

I recently bought a car. Most probably, you also own one. In today’s world, millions of people own different types of cars. Certainly, a car is a fundamental automotive as it helps us to perform most of our daily chores. It is therefore necessary to properly maintain your car at all times.

However, with the price of fuel and other automotive expenses rapidly going up, everyone is looking for ways to cut expenses and save money.

Car repairs can break the bank. As a result, it’s advisable to do routine maintenance of your car on your own. There is a wide variety of car repairs you are able to do regardless of your technical skill. Talk of oil change, fuel filters , alternators and many more are some of the car repairs to can do yourself.

Taking the initiative of doing your own car maintenance will help you save approximately 20%-30% on the cost of car maintenance every year.

Here are 6 ways to do your own car maintenance

#Check your tire pressure regularly
Low tire pressure hinders a vehicle’s safety, handling and fuel usage. Ensure you check the tire pressure of your car on a regular basis. When the tire pressure goes below the recommended levels, remove the valve cover and place the valve within the gauge to get a reading. Find a nearby gas station to add a little air if you feel the pressure is not enough.

#Replace your air filter
This is perhaps the easiest and straightforward maintenance task you can do and it cannot take more than 30 minutes. Look for a plastic housing under the hood. Your air filter may be attached with bolts or screws but that should not worry you as they can be opened by hand. Remove the old filter and install your new air filter. Ensure it faces the same direction the old filter was facing. You do not want to pay a mechanic a lot of money for such a simple task that you can do on your own.

#Regularly change the oil and oil filter in your car.
This is arguably the most essential car maintenance task for every car. Oil is essential for any automotive to last for a reasonable period of time. Nowadays, different car user manuals recommend different intervals between oil changes but its generally recommended to change oil after every 3000 miles. Ensure you have new oil as well as a new oil filter. You will need enough space under your car hence it’s advised to use a jack or a ramp to create room you will work from. You will need a container under the engine where the oil will drain into. Look for a single bolt under the engine and open the bolt carefully. After the oil has stopped draining, you can replace the bolt.

Locate your oil filter. Since there can still be some oil trapped in the engine, reposition the container under the filter. It’s recommended that you unscrew your filter from the top of the hood. Apply a thin film of oil to the new filter and screw it according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. You can either tighten the screws using your hands or a wrench. Take caution not over tighten the screws as you might damage the gasket and cause an oil leak or strip the threading. After you have replaced the drain bolt and oil filter, pour in the new oil. There should not be any leaks if the bolt was tightened properly.

#Replacing spark plugs
Replacing spark plugs varies to a great extent depending on the model of your car. This procedure takes approximately 30 minutes, depending on the number of plugs you have.

For inline engines, the spark plugs can be accessed from the top but for V-engines, they are located at an angle on both sides. The number of plugs on vehicles varies depending on the engine type. Single core engines usually have an equal number of wires to the cylinders. Dual core vehicles have four cylinders with each of them having two spark plugs. You can easily locate spark plugs by following the thick wires under the hood of your car. These wires will lead you to the spark plugs. Do not disconnect more than one wire if you are not able to track every single wire to its plug hole. The wires will have a thicker texture as they approach the engine. Pull the wires out and check the gapping on the new plugs. Screw the new plugs into the exposed cylinder by hand. Tighten the screws and push the wires back onto the plug. Repeat the same process for each cylinder until the job is done.

#Changing battery
This procedure is pretty easy. It does not require any skills at all apart from physical energy. Disconnect the battery cables starting with the negative terminal as a safety measure since electricity flows from the negative to the positive terminal. Remove the cables using a wrench or pliers. Clean the posts using a wire brush and corrosion removal fluid. Unscrew the bolts or nuts to remove the old battery and replace with a new one. Take the wires by their rubberized portions and guide them onto their respective posts starting with the positive terminal.

#Change blown fuses
Fuses blow now and again. You cannot hire a mechanic now and then to fix a blown fuse. This is an easy fix that cannot take more than 10 minutes. Fuses are found in the fuse box which is located under the dashboard on the side of the driver. Access the fuse box and identify the fuse that looks melted and replace it with a fuse of the same color.

#Check fluid levels regularly
If your car runs short of any crucial fluid, it may not function properly. Therefore, you are supposed to check fluid levels every morning. Battery water, brake and cutch fluid, radiator coolants, and automatic transmission fluid should be available in the right amount and viscosity.

The above simple maintenance tasks can not only help you to save money, they also help to keep your car in the perfect shape.